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Start a remote NetApp Support session

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If you require technical support for your SolidFire all-flash storage system, NetApp Support can connect remotely with your system. To start a session and gain remote access, NetApp Support can open a reverse Secure Shell (SSH) connection to your environment.

You can open a TCP port for an SSH reverse tunnel connection with NetApp Support. This connection enables NetApp Support to log in to your management node.

Before you begin
  • For management services 2.18 and later, the capability for remote access is disabled on the management node by default. To enable remote access functionality, see Manage SSH functionality on the management node.

  • If your management node is behind a proxy server, the following TCP ports are required in the sshd.config file:

    TCP port Description Connection direction


    API calls/HTTPS for reverse port forwarding via open support tunnel to the web UI

    Management node to storage nodes


    SSH login access

    Management node to storage nodes or from storage nodes to management node

  • Log in to your management node and open a terminal session.

  • At a prompt, enter the following:

    rst -r -u element -p <port_number>

  • To close the remote support tunnel, enter the following:

    rst --killall

  • (Optional) Disable remote access functionality again.

    Note SSH remains enabled on the management node if you do not disable it. SSH enabled configuration persists on the management node through updates and upgrades until it is manually disabled.

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