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Multitenant networking API methods

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Multitenant networking in Element storage clusters allows traffic between multiple clients that are on separate logical networks to be connected to one Element storage cluster without layer 3 routing.

Connections to the storage cluster are segregated in the networking stack through the use of VLAN tagging.

Prerequisites for setting up a multitenant virtual network

  • You must have identified the block of client network IP addresses to be assigned to the virtual networks on the storage nodes.

  • You must have identified a client storage network IP (SVIP) address to be used as an endpoint for all storage traffic.

Virtual networking order of operations

  1. Use the AddVirtualNetwork method to bulk provision the IP addresses you enter.

    After you add a virtual network, the cluster automatically performs the following steps:

    • Each storage node creates a virtual network interface.

    • Each storage node is assigned a VLAN address that can be routed to using the virtual SVIP.

    • VLAN IP addresses persist on each node in the event of a node reboot.

  2. When the virtual network interface and VLAN addresses have been assigned, you can assign client network traffic to the virtual SVIP.