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The event object contains details of events that occur during an API method call or while the system is performing an operation.

Object members

This object contains the following members:

Name Description Type


Extra information about the event.

JSON object


The driveID of the drive reporting the failure. 0 if not applicable.



A list of the driveIDs of the drives reporting the failure. An empty list if not applicable.

integer array


Unique ID associated with each event.



The type of fault.



A string description of the event that occurred.



The nodeID of the node reporting the failure. 0 if not applicable.



The serviceID of the service reporting the failure. 0 if not applicable.



Severity the event is reporting.



The time at which the cluster's event log received the event, in UTC+0 format.

ISO 8601 date string


The time at which the event occurred on the cluster, in UTC+0 format.

ISO 8601 date string

Note: There might be a slight difference between timeOfReport and timeOfPublish if the event occurred and was not able to be immediately published.

Event types

The following list describes the possible event types that the eventInfoType member can contain:

  • apiEvent: Events initiated through the API or web UI that modify settings.

  • binAssignmentsEvent: Events related to the assignment of data to internal containers.

  • binSyncEvent: Events related to a reassignment of data among block services.

  • bsCheckEvent: Events related to block service checks.

  • bsKillEvent: Events related to block service terminations.

  • bulkOpEvent: Events that operate on an entire volume, such as a volume backup, restore, snapshot, or clone.

  • cloneEvent: Events related to volume cloning.

  • clusterMasterEvent: Cluster configuration change events such as adding or removing nodes.

  • dataEvent: Events related to reading and writing data.

  • dbEvent: Events related to the ensemble node database.

  • driveEvent: Events related to drive operations.

  • encryptionAtRestEvent: Events related to stored data encryption.

  • ensembleEvent: Events related to ensemble size increase or decrease.

  • fibreChannelEvent: Events related to Fibre Channel node configuration or connections.

  • gcEvent: Events related to garbage collection. These processes run every 60 minutes to reclaim storage on block drives.

  • ieEvent: Events related to internal system errors.

  • installEvent: Eevnts related to automatic software installation on pending storage nodes.

  • iSCSIEvent: Events related to iSCSI connection or configuration issues.

  • limitEvent: Events related to the number of volumes or virtual volumes in an account or in the cluster nearing the maximum allowed.

  • networkEvent: Events related to virtual networking.

  • platformHardwareEvent: Events related to issues detected on hardware devices.

  • remoteClusterEvent: Events related to remote cluster pairing.

  • schedulerEvent: Events related to scheduled snapshots.

  • serviceEvent: Events related to system service status.

  • statEvent: Events related to system statistics.

  • sliceEvent: Events related to metadata storage.

  • snmpTrapEvent: Events related to SNMP traps.

  • tsEvent: System transport service events.

  • unexpectedException: Events related to unexpected errors.

  • vasaProviderEvent: Events related to a VMware VASA provider.

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