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Element Software
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Node versioning and compatibility

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Node compatibility is based on the Element software version installed on a node. Element software-based storage clusters automatically image a node to the Element software version on the cluster if the node and cluster are not at compatible versions.

The following list describes the software release significance levels that make up the Element software version number:

  • Major

    The first number designates a software release. A node with one major component number cannot be added to a cluster containing nodes of a different major-patch number, nor can a cluster be created with nodes of mixed major versions.

  • Minor

    The second number designates smaller software features or enhancements to existing software features that have been added to a major release. This component is incremented within a major version component to indicate that this incremental release is not compatible with any other Element software incremental releases with a different minor component. For example, 11.0 is not compatible with 11.1, and 11.1 is not compatible with 11.2.

  • Micro

    The third number designates a compatible patch (incremental release) to the Element software version represented by the major.minor components. For example, 11.0.1 is compatible with 11.0.2, and 11.0.2 is compatible with 11.0.3.

Major and minor version numbers must match for compatibility. Micro numbers do not have to match for compatibility.