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Cluster capacity in a mixed node environment

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You can mix different types of nodes in a cluster. The SF-Series 2405, 3010, 4805, 6010, 9605, 9010, 19210, 38410 and the H-Series can coexist in a cluster.

The H-Series consists of H610S-1, H610S-2, H610S-4, and H410S nodes. These nodes are both 10GbE and 25GbE capable.

It is best to not intermix non-encrypted and encrypted nodes. In a mixed node cluster, no node can be larger than 33 percent of the total cluster capacity. For instance, in a cluster with four SF-Series 4805 nodes, the largest node that can be added alone is an SF-Series 9605. The cluster capacity threshold is calculated based on the potential loss of the largest node in this situation.

Beginning with Element 12.0, the following SF-series storage nodes are not supported:

  • SF3010

  • SF6010

  • SF9010

If you upgrade one of these storage nodes to Element 12.0, you will see an error stating that this node is not supported by Element 12.0.