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Volume pairing order of operations

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You must create a cluster pair between two corresponding clusters before volumes can be paired.

Use the following set of API methods to establish a cluster connection:

  • StartVolumePairing:

    This API method creates and returns a volume pairing key that is used to create a volume pair. The key contains information that is used to establish communications between volumes.

  • CompleteVolumePairing:

    This method uses the pairing key created with the StartVolumePairing API method to create a volume pair. Issue the CompleteVolumePairing API method with the volumeID and volumePairingKey parameters to the destination volume.

Only one of the paired volumes can be identified as a replication target volume. Use the ModifyVolumePair API method to establish the direction of the volume's data replication by identifying which volume is the target. Data is replicated from the source volume to the target volume.