Running diagnostics

After you have replaced a component in your system, you should run diagnostic tests on that component.

Before you begin

Your system must be at the LOADER prompt to start diagnostics.

About this task

All commands in the diagnostic procedures are issued from the node where the component is being replaced.


  1. If the node to be serviced is not at the LOADER prompt, reboot the node: system node halt -node node_name
    After you issue the command, you should wait until the system stops at the LOADER prompt.
  2. At the LOADER prompt, access the special drivers specifically designed for system-level diagnostics to function properly: boot_diags
  3. Select Scan System from the displayed menu to enable running the diagnostics tests.
  4. Select Test system from the displayed menu to run diagnostics tests.
  5. Select the test or series of tests from the various sub-menus.
  6. Proceed based on the result of the preceding step:
    • If the test failed, correct the failure, and then rerun the test.
    • If the test reported no failures, select Reboot from the menu to reboot the system.
      Important: During the boot process, you might see the following prompts:
      • A prompt warning of a system ID mismatch and asking to override the system ID.
      • A prompt warning that when entering Maintenance mode in an HA configuration you must ensure that the healthy node remains down.

      You can safely respond y to these prompts.