Installing a drive shelf for a hot-add

Installing a new NS224 drive shelf involves installing the shelf into a rack or cabinet, connecting the power cords (which automatically powers on the shelf), and then setting the shelf ID.

Before you begin


  1. Install the rail mount kit that came with your shelf by using the installation flyer that came in the kit box.
    Attention: Do not flange-mount the shelf.
  2. Install and secure the shelf onto the support brackets and rack or cabinet by using the installation flyer.
    Attention: A fully loaded NS224 shelf can weigh up to 66.78 lbs (30.29 kg) and requires two people to lift or use of a hydraulic lift. Avoid removing shelf components (from the front or rear of the shelf) to reduce the shelf weight, because shelf weight will become unbalanced.
  3. Connect the power cords to the shelf, secure them in with the power cord retainer, and then connect the power cords to different power sources for resiliency.
    A shelf powers up when connected to a power source; it does not have power switches. When functioning correctly, a power supply's bicolored LED illuminates green.
  4. Set the shelf ID to a number that is unique within the HA pair:
    More detailed instructions can be found in the Changing an NS224 drive shelf ID document.

    Shelf IDs

    1. Remove the left end cap and locate the small hole to the right of the LEDs.
    2. Insert the end of a paper clip or similar tool into the small hole to reach the shelf ID button.
    3. Press and hold the button (for up to 15 seconds) until the first number on the digital display blinks, and then release the button.
      Note: If the ID takes longer than 15 seconds to blink, press and hold the button again, making sure to press it in all the way.
    4. Press and release the button to advance the number until you reach the desired number from 0 to 9.
    5. Repeat substeps 4.c and 4.d to set the second number of the shelf ID.
      It can take up to three seconds (instead of 15 seconds) for the number to blink.
    6. Press and hold the button until the second number stops blinking.
      After about five seconds, both numbers start blinking and the amber LED on the ODP illuminates.
    7. Power-cycle the shelf to make the shelf ID take effect.
      You must unplug both power cords from the shelf, wait 10 seconds, and then plug them back in.

      When power is restored to the power supplies, their bicolored LEDs illuminate green.