Replacing the boot media

You locate the failed boot media in the controller module by removing the air duct on the controller module before you can replace the boot media.

About this task

You need a #1 magnetic Phillips head screw driver to remove the screw that holds the boot media in-place. Due to the space constraints within the controller module, you should also have a magnet to transfer the screw on to so that you do not loose it.

You can use the following video or the tabulated steps to replace the boot media:


Locate and replace the impaired boot media from the controller module.

Remove the screw securing the boot media to the motherboard in the controller module.
Lift the boot media out of the controller module.
  1. Using the #1 magnetic screw driver remove the screw from the impaired boot media, and set it aside safely on the magnet.
  2. Gently lift the impaired boot media directly out of the socket and set it aside.
  3. Remove the replacement boot media from the antistatic shipping bag and align it into place on the controller module.
  4. Using the #1 magnetic screw driver insert and tighten the screw on the boot media.
    Note: Do not apply force when tightening the screw on the boot media; you might crack it.