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NetApp SMI-S Provider

Cannot add a storage system using a nondefault HTTP or HTTPS port

  • Issue

    You cannot add a storage system running HTTP or HTTPS on a nondefault port.

  • Cause

    By default, NetApp SMI-S Provider uses port 80 for communicating with storage systems over HTTP and port 443 for communicating over HTTPS.

  • Corrective action

    Use the following command to add a storage system that uses a port other than 80 for HTTP traffic or port 443 for HTTPS traffic:

    cimcli ci -n root/ontap ONTAP_FilerData hostName=storage_sys_ip_address port=non_default_port userName=storage_sys_user password=storage_sys_pwd comMechanism=HTTP -u agent_user -p agent_pwd-llocalhost:5989 -s

    -u, -p, -l, and -s are optional parameters.

Adding a storage system that uses port 8000 for HTTP traffic

cimcli ci -n root/ontap ONTAP_FilerData hostName= port=8000 userName=root password=netapp1! comMechanism=HTTP -u root -p netapp1! -l localhost:5989 -s --timeout 180