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NetApp SMI-S Provider

Enable or disable authentication for NetApp SMI-S Provider


By default, authentication is enabled for SMI-S Provider. If authentication causes errors on your system, you can optionally disable it. If authentication has been disabled and you want to reenable it, you can do so.

Before you begin
  • You must already have login credentials as Administrator.

  • You must already have logged in as Administrator.

  • Any client, including System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), must be connected to the provider using cimuser and cimpassword.

  1. Access NetApp SMI-S Provider.

  2. Set the authentication for SMI-S Provider:

    Action Command

    Enable authentication if previously disabled

    cimconfig -p -s enableAuthentication=true

    Disable authentication

    cimconfig -p -s enableAuthentication=false

    CIMOM does not use Windows authentication.

  3. Restart NetApp SMI-S Provider:

    smis cimserver restart