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NetApp SMI-S Provider

NetApp SMI-S Provider sizing and performance


Knowing the maximum number of systems managed by NetApp SMI-S Provider helps you understand its performance capabilities.


NetApp SMI-S Provider can manage up to the following numbers of objects in clustered Data ONTAP:

  • 100 storage virtual machines (SVMs) (without indications)

  • 10 Storage Virtual Machines (with indications)

  • 1,500 LUNs (per FlexVol volume)

  • 200 CIFS file shares (per FlexVol volume)

If the FlexVol contains both qtrees and volumes, the qtrees appear as directories. You should be careful to not delete the qtrees accidentally when deleting volumes.

Performance notice

For configurations with 5,000 FlexVol volumes or 300,000 Snapshot copies, you might experience performance issues with the following cimcli commands:

  • cimcli ei ONTAP_Snapshot -n root/ontap

  • cimcli ei ONTAP_SnapshotBasedOnFlexVol -n root/ontap

  • cimcli ei ONTAP_StorageVolumeStats -n root/ontap

The Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) contains the latest information about sizing and performance.