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SnapCenter Software 5.0

What you can do with the SnapCenter Custom Plug-ins and Storage plug-in

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You can use the SnapCenter Custom Plug-ins for data protection operations.

Custom plug-in

  • Add resources such as databases, instances, documents, or tablespaces.

  • Create backups.

  • Restore from backups.

  • Clone backups.

  • Schedule backup operations.

  • Monitor backup, restore, and clone operations.

  • View reports for backup, restore, and clone operations.

Storage plug-in

You can use the storage plug-in for data protection operations.

  • Take consistency group Snapshots of the storage volumes across ONTAP clusters.

  • Backup custom applications using the built in pre and post scripting framework

    You can backup ONTAP volume, LUN, or a Qtree.

  • Update Snapshots taken on the primary to an ONTAP secondary, leveraging the existing replication relationship (SnapVault/SnapMirror/unified replication) using SnapCenter policy

    ONTAP primary and secondary can be ONTAP FAS, AFF, All SAN Array (ASA), Select, or Cloud ONTAP.

  • Recover complete ONTAP volume, LUN, or files.

    You should provide the respective file path manually as the browse or indexing features are not built into the product.

    Qtree or directory restore is not supported but you can clone and export only the Qtree if the backup scope is defined at a Qtree level.