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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Supported Oracle database configurations for backups

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SnapCenter supports backup of different Oracle database configurations.

  • Oracle Standalone

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

  • Oracle Standalone Legacy

  • Oracle Standalone Container Database (CDB)

  • Oracle Data Guard standby

    You can only create offline-mount backups of Data Guard standby databases. Offline-shutdown backup, archive log only backup, and full backup are not supported.

  • Oracle Active Data Guard standby

    You can only create online backups of Active Data Guard standby databases. Archive log only backup and full backup are not supported.

    Before creating a backup of Data Guard standby or Active Data Guard standby database, the managed recovery process (MRP) is stopped and once the backup is created, MRP is started.

  • Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

    • ASM standalone and ASM RAC on Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK)

      Among all the restore methods supported for Oracle databases, you can perform only connect-and-copy restore of ASM RAC databases on VMDK.

    • ASM standalone and ASM RAC on Raw device mapping (RDM)
      You can perform backup, restore, and clone operations on Oracle databases on ASM, with or without ASMLib.

    • Oracle ASM Filter Driver (ASMFD)

      PDB migration and PDB cloning operations are not supported.

    • Oracle Flex ASM

For the latest information about supported Oracle versions, see the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool.