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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Requirements for backing up an Oracle database

Contributors netapp-nsriram netapp-asubhas

Before backing up an Oracle database, you should ensure that prerequisites are completed.

  • You must have created a resource group with a policy attached.

  • If you want to back up a resource that has a SnapMirror relationship with a secondary storage, the ONTAP role assigned to the storage user should include the “snapmirror all” privilege. However, if you are using the “vsadmin” role, then the “snapmirror all” privilege is not required.

  • You must have assigned the aggregate that is being used by the backup operation to the storage virtual machine (SVM) used by the database.

  • You should have verified that all data volumes and archive log volumes belonging to the database are protected if secondary protection is enabled for that database.

  • You should have verified that the database that has files on the ASM disk groups should be in either “MOUNT” or “OPEN” state to verify its backups using the Oracle DBVERIFY utility.

  • You should have verified that the volume mount point length does not exceed 240 characters.

  • You should increase value of RESTTimeout to 86400000 ms in C:\Program Files\NetApp \SMCore\SMCoreServiceHost.exe.config file in the SnapCenter Server host, if the database being backed up is large (size in TBs).

    While modifying the values ensure that there are no running jobs and restart the SnapCenter SMCore service after increasing the value.