Prerequisites for adding hosts and installing Plug-ins Package for Linux or AIX

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Before you add a host and install the plug-ins packages, you must complete all the requirements.

  • If you are using iSCSI, the iSCSI service must be running.

  • You must have enabled the password-based SSH connection for the root or non-root user.

    SnapCenter Plug-in for Oracle Database can be installed by a non-root user. However, you should configure the sudo privileges for the non-root user to install and start the plug-in process. After installing the plug-in, the processes will be running as an effective root user.

  • If you are installing the SnapCenter Plug-ins Package for AIX on AIX host, you should have manually resolved the directory level symbolic links.

    The SnapCenter Plug-ins Package for AIX automatically resolves the file level symbolic link but not the directory level symbolic links to obtain the JAVA_HOME absolute path.

  • Create credentials with authentication mode as Linux or AIX for the install user.

  • You must have installed Java 1.8.x, 64-bit, on your Linux or AIX host.

    For information to download JAVA, see:

  • For Oracle databases that are running on a Linux or AIX host, you should install both SnapCenter Plug-in for Oracle Database and SnapCenter Plug-in for UNIX.

    You can use the Plug-in for Oracle Database to manage Oracle databases for SAP as well. However, SAP BR*Tools integration is not supported.
  • If you are using Oracle database or later, you must install the 13366202 Oracle patch.