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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Import CA Certificate to the UNIX plug-in hosts

Contributors netapp-nsriram

You should import the CA certificate to the UNIX plug-in hosts.

About this task

  • You can manage the password for SPL keystore, and the alias of the CA signed key pair in use.

  • The password for SPL keystore and for all the associated alias password of the private key should be same.


  1. You can retrieve SPL keystore default password from SPL property file. It is the value corresponding to the key SPL_KEYSTORE_PASS.

  2. Change the keystore password: $ keytool -storepasswd -keystore keystore.jks

  3. Change the password for all aliases of private key entries in the keystore to the same password used for the keystore: $ keytool -keypasswd -alias "<alias_name>" -keystore keystore.jks

  4. Update the same for the key SPL_KEYSTORE_PASS in` file.

  5. Restart the service after changing the password.