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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Backup naming conventions

Contributors netapp-jsnyder

You can either use the default Snapshot naming convention or use a customized naming convention. The default backup naming convention adds a timestamp to Snapshot names that helps you identify when the copies were created.

The Snapshot uses the following default naming convention:


You should name your backup resource groups logically, as in the following example:


In this example, the syntax elements have the following meanings:

  • dts1 is the resource group name.

  • mach1x88 is the host name.

  • 03-12-2015_23.17.26 is the date and timestamp.

Alternatively, you can specify the Snapshot name format while protecting resources or resource groups by selecting Use custom name format for Snapshot copy. For example, customtext_resourcegroup_policy_hostname or resourcegroup_hostname. By default, the time stamp suffix is added to the Snapshot name.