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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Export Certificate Authority (CA) certificates from SnapCenter Server

Contributors netapp-nsriram

You should export the CA certificates from the SnapCenter Server to the plug-in hosts using the Microsoft management console (MMC).

Before you begin

You should have configured the two-way SSL.


  1. Go to the Microsoft management console (MMC), and then click File > Add/Remove Snapin.

  2. In the Add or Remove Snap-ins window, select Certificates and then click Add.

  3. In the Certificates Snap-in window, select the Computer Account option, and then click Finish.

  4. Click Console Root > Certificates - Local Computer > Personal > Certificates.

  5. Right-click on the procured CA certificate, which is used for SnapCenter Server and then select All Tasks > Export to start the export wizard.

  6. Perform the following actions in the wizard.

For this option…​ Do the following…​

Export Private Key

Select No, do not export the private key, and then click Next.

Export File Format

Click Next.

File Name

Click Browse and specify the file path to save the certificate, and click Next.

Completing the Certificate Export Wizard

Review the summary, and then click Finish to start the export.

Note Certificate based authentication is not supported for SnapCenter HA configurations and SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere.