SnapCenter Standard controller-based licenses

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A SnapCenter Standard controller-based license is required if you are using FAS or AFF storage controllers.

The controller-based license has the following characteristics:

  • SnapCenter Standard entitlement included with purchase of Premium or Flash Bundle (not with the base pack)

  • Unlimited storage usage

  • Enabled by adding it directly to the FAS or AFF storage controller by using either the ONTAP System Manager or the storage cluster command line

    You do not enter any license information in the SnapCenter GUI for the SnapCenter controller-based licenses.
  • Locked to the controller’s serial number

If you already have a SnapManagerSuite license on your controller, SnapCenter Standard controller-based license entitlement is provided automatically. The names SnapManagerSuite license and SnapCenter Standard controller-based license are used interchangeably, but they refer to the same license.