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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Failback from SnapCenter Plug-in for SQL Server secondary storage to primary storage

Contributors netapp-nsriram

After the SnapCenter Plug-in for SQL Server primary storage is back online, you should failback to the primary storage.

Before you begin
  • Place the SnapCenter Plug-in for SQL Server in Maintenance mode from the Managed Hosts page.

  • Disconnect the secondary storage from the host and connect from the primary storage.

  • To failback to the primary storage, ensure that the relationship direction remains the same as it was before the failover by performing the reverse resync operation.

    To retain the roles of primary and secondary storage after the reverse resync operation, perform the reverse resync operation once again.

  • Restart MSSQL server service.

  • Ensure that the SQL resources are back online.

Note During failover or failback of the plug-in, the plug-in overall status is not refreshed immediately. The host and plug-in overall status is updated during the subsequent host refresh operation.
  1. In the Settings page, navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Disaster Recovery.

  2. Unselect Enable Disaster Recovery.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Verify whether the DR job is enabled or not by clicking Monitor > Jobs.

After you finish

You can delete the SnapCenter Plug-in for SQL Server backups that were created during failover either by using the UI or the following cmdlet: Remove-SmDRFailoverBackups