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SnapCenter Software 5.0

Backup retention options

Contributors netapp-jsnyder

You can choose either the number of days for which to retain backup copies or specify the number of backup copies you want to retain, up to a ONTAP maximum of 255 copies. For example, your organization might require that you retain 10 days of backup copies or 130 backup copies.

While creating a policy, you can specify the retention options for the backup type and the schedule type.

If you set up SnapMirror replication, the retention policy is mirrored on the destination volume.

SnapCenter deletes the retained backups that have retention labels that match the schedule type. If the schedule type was changed for the resource or resource group, backups with the old schedule type label might still remain on the system.

Note For long-term retention of backup copies, you should use SnapVault backup.