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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.10
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HTTP status codes used in Active IQ Unified Manager

Contributors netapp-manini

While running the APIs or troubleshooting issues, you should be aware of the various HTTP status codes and error codes that are used by Active IQ Unified Manager APIs.

The following table lists the error codes related to authentication:

HTTP status code Status code title Description



Returned on successful execution of synchronous API calls.



Creation of new resources by synchronous calls, such as configuration of Active Directory.



Returned on successful execution of asynchronous calls for provisioning functions, such as creating LUNs and files shares.


Invalid request

Indicates input validation failure. User has to correct the inputs, for example, valid keys in a request body.


Unauthorized request

You are not authorized to view the resource/Unauthorized.


Forbidden request

Accessing the resource you were trying to reach is forbidden.


Resource not found

The resource you were trying to reach is not found.


Method Not Allowed

Method not allowed.


Too Many Requests

Returned when the user sends too many requests within a specific time.


Internal server error

Internal server error. Failed to get the response from server. This internal server error may or may not be permanent. For example, if you run a GET or GET ALL operation and receive this error, it is recommended that you repeat this operation for a minimum of five retries. If it is a permanent error, then the status code returned continues to be 500. If the operation succeeds, the status code returned is 200.