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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.10
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Retrieving the support bundle using a UNIX or Linux client

Contributors netapp-manini

If you are a UNIX or Linux user, you can retrieve the support bundle from your vApp by using the command-line interface (CLI) on your Linux client server. You can use either SCP or SFTP to retrieve the support bundle.

What you'll need

You must be the maintenance user to perform this task.

You must have generated a support bundle using the maintenance console and have the support bundle name available.

  1. Access the CLI through Telnet or the console, using your Linux client server.

  2. Access the /support directory.

  3. Retrieve the support bundle and copy it to the local directory using the following command:

    If you are using…​ Then use the following command…​


    scp <maintenance-user>@<vApp-name-or-ip>:/support/support_bundle_file_name.7z <destination-directory>


    sftp <maintenance-user>@<vApp-name-or-ip>:/support/support_bundle_file_name.7z <destination-directory>

    The name of the support bundle is provided to you when you generate it using the maintenance console.

  4. Enter the maintenance user password.


The following example uses SCP to retrieve the support bundle:

        `$ scp admin@ .`
Password: `<maintenance_user_password>`
support_bundle_20160216_145359.7z   100%  119MB  11.9MB/s   00:10

The following example uses SFTP to retrieve the support bundle:

        `$ sftp admin@ .`
Password: `<maintenance_user_password>`
Connected to
Fetching /support/support_bundle_20130216_145359.7z to ./support_bundle_20130216_145359.7z