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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.10
A newer release of this product is available.

Downloading Unified Manager

Contributors netapp-manini

You must download the Unified Manager .zip file from the NetApp Support Site to install Unified Manager.

What you'll need

You must have login credentials for the NetApp Support Site.

You download the same Unified Manager installation package for both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS systems.

  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site, and navigate to the Download page for Unified Manager:

  2. Select the required version of Unified Manager and accept the end-users license agreement (EULA).

  3. Download the Unified Manager installer file for Linux, and save the .zip file to a directory on the target system.


    Ensure that you download the correct version of the installer file for your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Based on whether you have Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or 8 installed, ensure that you download the appropriate version of the Unified Manager .zip file.

  4. Verify the checksum to ensure that the software downloaded correctly.