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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Users created during Unified Manager installation


When you install Unified Manager on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS, the following users are created by Unified Manager and third-party utilities: umadmin, jboss, and mysql.

  • umadmin

    Used to log in to Unified Manager for the first time. This user is assigned an “Application Administrator” user role and is configured as the “Maintenance User” type. This user is created by Unified Manager.

  • jboss

    Used to run Unified Manager services related to the JBoss utility. This user is created by Unified Manager.

  • mysql

    Used to run MySQL database queries of Unified Manager. This user is created by the MySQL third-party utility.

In addition to these users, Unified Manager also creates corresponding groups: maintenance, jboss, and mysql. The maintenance and jboss groups are created by Unified Manager, while the mysql group is created by a third-party utility.


If you created a custom home directory and defined your own umadmin user password prior to installing Unified Manager, the installation program does not recreate the maintenance group or the umadmin user.