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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Aggregate capacity fields


The following fields are available in the Aggregate Capacity and Utilization report and can be used in custom views and in reports.

  • Aggregate

    The aggregate name.

  • Daily Growth Rate %

    The growth rate that occurs every 24 hours in the aggregate.

  • Days To Full

    The estimated number of days remaining before the aggregate reaches full capacity.

  • Overcommitted Capacity %

    The aggregate overcommitment as a percentage.

  • Available Data %

    The available data capacity as a percentage.

  • Available Data Capacity

    The available data capacity.

  • Used Data %

    The used data capacity as a percentage.

  • Used Data Capacity

    The used data capacity.

  • Total Data Capacity

    The total data capacity (used plus available).

  • Logical Space Used

    The real size of the data that is being stored on the aggregate without applying the savings from using ONTAP storage efficiency technologies.

  • Snapshot Reserve Available %

    The amount of space available for Snapshot copies as a percentage.

  • Snapshot Reserve Available Capacity

    The amount of space available for Snapshot copies.

  • Snapshot Reserve Used %

    The amount of space used by Snapshot copies from the snapshot reserve as a percentage.

  • Snapshot Reserve Used Capacity

    The amount of space used by snapshot copies from the snapshot reserve.

  • Snapshot Reserve Total Capacity

    The total snapshot reserve capacity of the aggregate.

  • Cloud Tier Space Used

    The amount of data capacity that is currently being used in the cloud tier.

  • Cloud Tier

    The name of the cloud tier object store when it was created by ONTAP.

  • State

    The current state of the aggregate.

  • Type

    The aggregate type:

    • HDD

    • Hybrid

      Combines HDDs and SSDs, but Flash Pool has not been enabled.

    • Hybrid (Flash Pool)

      Combines HDDs and SSDs, and Flash Pool has been enabled.

    • SSD

    • SSD (FabricPool)

      Combines SSDs and a cloud tier

    • VMDisk (SDS)

      Virtual disks within a virtual machine

    • VMDisk (FabricPool)

      Combines virtual disks and a cloud tier

    • LUN (FlexArray)

  • RAID Type

    The RAID configuration type.

  • SnapLock Type

    The aggregate SnapLock Type. The possible values are Compliance, Enterprise, Non-SnapLock.

  • HA Pair

    The HA pair value obtained by forming two nodes.

  • Node

    The name of the node that contains the aggregate.

  • Cluster

    The cluster name. You can click the cluster name to navigate to that cluster's capacity details page.

  • Cluster FQDN

    The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the cluster.