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Tracking asset usage by application

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Before you can track data associated with the applications running in your environment, you must first define those applications and associate them with the appropriate assets. You can associate applications with the following assets: hosts, virtual machines, volumes, internal volumes, qtrees, shares, and hypervisors.

This topic provides an example of tracking the usage of virtual machines that the Marketing Team uses for its Exchange email.

You might want to create a table similar to the following to identify applications used in your environment and note the group or business unit using each applications.


Line of Business

Business Unit




Data Storage



Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle On Demand, PatentWiz


Data Storage


Sales Events

Exchange, Oracle Shared DataBase, BlastOff Event Planner

The table shows that that Marketing Team uses the Exchange application. We want to track their virtual machine utilization for Exchange, so that we can predict when we will need to add more storage. We can associate the Exchange application with all of Marketing's virtual machines:

  1. Create an application named Exchange

  2. Go to Queries > +New Query to create a new query for virtual machines (or select an existing VM query, if applicable).

    Assuming the Marketing team's VMs all have a name containing the string “mkt”, create your query to filter VM name for “mkt”.

  3. Select the VMs.

  4. Associate the VMs with the Exchange application using Bulk Actions > Add Applications.

  5. Select the desired application and click Save.

  6. When finished, Save the query.