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Configuring Email Notifications for Alerts, Warnings, and Agent/Data Source Collector health

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To configure Workload Security alert recipients, click on Admin > Notifications and enter an email addresses in the appropriate section(s) for each recipient.

Note Workload Security is not available in Cloud Insights Federal Edition.

Potential Attack Alerts and Warnings

To send Potential Attack alert notifications, enter the recipients' email addresses in the Send Potential Attack Alerts section.
Email notifications are sent to the alert recipient list for every action on the alert.

To send Warning notifications, enter the recipients' email addresses in the Send Warning Alerts section.

Agent and Data Collector Health monitoring

You can monitor the health of Agents and Data Sources through notifications.

In order to receive notifications in the event that an Agent or Data Source collector is not functioning, enter the email addresses of the recipients in the Data Collection Health Alerts section.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Health alerts will be sent only after the agent/collector stops reporting for at least one hour.

  • Only one email notification is sent to the intended recipients in a given 24 hour period, even If the Agent or Data collector is disconnected for a longer duration.

  • In case of an Agent failure, one alert will be sent (not one per collector). The email will include a list of all impacted SVMs.

  • Active directory collection failure is reported as a warning; it does not impact Ransomware detection.

  • The Getting Started setup list now includes a new Configure email notifications phase.

Receiving Agent And Data Collector Upgrade Notifications

  • Enter the email ID(s) in the “Data Collection Health Alerts”.

  • The “Enable upgrade notifications” check box becomes enabled.

  • Agent and Data Collector upgrade email notifications are sent to the email IDs one day in advance of the planned upgrade.


Problem: Try this:

Email IDs are present in the “Data Collector Health Alerts”, however I am not receiving notifications.

Notification emails are sent from the NetApp Cloud Insights domain, i.e from Some companies block incoming emails if they are from an external domain. Ensure that external notifications from NetApp Cloud Insights domains are whitelisted.