Creating a Report (Example)

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Use the steps in this example to generate a simple report on physical capacity of storage and storage pools in a number of data centers.

  1. In the toolbar, click [+]

  2. Click Report

  3. Click Templates > Blank

  4. Click Themes > Cool Blue > OK

    The Source and Data tabs is displayed

  5. Click Source > [+]

  6. In the Open file dialog, click Team content > Packages

    A list of available packages is displayed.

  7. Click Storage and Storage Pool Capacity > Open

  8. Click [+]

    The available styles for your report are displayed.

  9. Click List

    Add appropriate names for List and Query

  10. Click OK

  11. Expand Physical Capacity

  12. Expand to the lowest level of Data Center

  13. Drag Data Center to the Reporting palate.

  14. Expand Capacity (MB)

  15. Drag Capacity (MB) to the Reporting palate.

  16. Drag Used Capacity (MB) to the Reporting palate.

  17. Run the report by clicking Run and selecting an output type.


A report similar to the following is created:

Report Example