You can create a query to enable you to search the assets in your environment at a granular level. Queries enable you to slice data by adding filters and then sorting the results to view inventory and performance data in one view.

  1. About this task
    You can create a query for volumes, add a filter to find particular storages associated with the selected volume, add a filter to find a particular annotation, such as Tier 1, on the selected storages, and finally add another filter to find all storages with IOPS - Read (IO/s) greater than 25. When the results are displayed, you can then sort the columns of information associated with the query in ascending or descending order.

When a new data collector is added which acquires assets or any annotation or application assignments are made, you can query for those assets, annotations, or applications after the queries are indexed, which occurs at a regularly scheduled interval.

  1. Steps

  2. Click Queries > New Query

  3. Click +Query

  4. From the 'Search for' list, select the asset type you want to query for.