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Cloud Insights

User Management

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Workload Security user accounts are managed through Cloud Insights.

Cloud Insights provides four user account levels: Account Owner, Administrator, User, and Guest. Each account is assigned specific permission levels. A User account that has Administrator privileges can create or modify users, and assign each user one of the following Workload Security roles:


Workload Security Access


Can perform all Workload Security functions, including those for Alerts, Forensics, data collectors, automated response policies, and APIs for Workload Security.
An Administrator can also invite other users but can only assign Workload Security roles.


Can view and manage Alerts and view Forensics. User role can change alert status, add a note, take snapshots manually, and restrict user access.


Can view Alerts and Forensics. Guest role cannot change alert status, add a note, take snapshots manually, or restrict user access.

  1. Log into Workload Security

  2. In the menu, click Admin > User Management

    You will be forwarded to Cloud Insights’s User Management page.

  3. Select the desired role for each user.

While adding a new user, simply select the desired role (usually User or Guest).

More information on User accounts and roles can be found in the Cloud Insights User Role documentation.