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Setting options in the Preferences tab

Contributors netapp-alavoie

The device resolution preferences tab lets you create an auto resolution schedule, specify storage and tape venders to include or exclude from identification, and set DNS lookup options.

Auto resolution schedule

An auto resolution schedule can specify when automatic device resolution is run:




Use this option to run automatic device resolution on intervals of days, hours, or minutes.

Every day

Use this option to run automatic device resolution daily at a specific time.


Use this option to only run automatic device resolution manually.

On every environment change

Use this option to run automatic device resolution whenever there is a change in the environment.

If you specify Manually, nightly automatic device resolution is disabled.

DNS processing options

DNS processing options allow you to select the following features:

  • When DNS lookup result processing is enabled, you can add a list of DNS names to append to resolved devices.

  • You can select Auto resolution of IPs: to enables automatic host resolution for iSCSI initiators and hosts accessing NFS shares by using DNS lookup. If this is not specified, only FC-based resolution is performed.

  • You can choose to allow underscores in host names and to use a "connected to" alias instead of the standard port alias in results.

Including or excluding specific storage and tape vendors

You can include or exclude specific storage and tape vendors for automatic resolution. You might want to exclude specific vendors if you know, for example, that a specific host will become a legacy host and should be excluded from your new environment. You can also re-add vendors that you earlier excluded but no longer want excluded.

Note Device resolution rules for tape only work for WWNs where the Vendor for that WWN is set to Included as Tape only in the Vendors preferences.