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Cloud Insights Reporting includes predefined reports that address a number of common reporting requirements, providing critical insight that stakeholders need to make informed decisions about their storage infrastructure.

The Reporting feature is available in Cloud Insights Premium Edition.

You can generate pre-defined reports from the Cloud Insights Reporting Portal, email them to other users, and even modify them. Several reports enable you to filter by device, business entity, or tier. The reporting tools use IBM Cognos as a foundation and give you many data presentation options.

The pre-defined reports show your inventory, storage capacity, chargeback, performance, storage efficiency, and cloud cost data. You can modify these pre-defined reports and save your modifications.

You can generate reports in various formats, including HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, and Excel.

Cloud Insights accommodates multiple tenancy in reporting by enabling you to associate users with business units. With this feature, administrators can separate data or reports according to the attributes of a user or his/her affiliation.

When you open the Reporting Portal, the Team Content folder is the starting point for you to select the type of information that you require in the Cloud Insights reports.

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Team Content and select the information category that you want to use.

  2. Click Reports to access the pre-defined reports.

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