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Dell EMC RecoverPoint data collector

Contributors netapp-alavoie

The EMC RecoverPoint data collector's primary use case is to discover volume-to-volume replication relationships that the RecoverPoint storage appliance facilitates. This collector will also discover the Recoverpoint appliance itself. Please note that Dell/EMC sells a VMware backup solution for VMs--"RecoverPoint for VMs"--which is not supported by this collector

For configuration, the data collector requires the IP address of the storage processors and a read-only user name and password.

The EMC RecoverPoint data collector gathers the volume-to-volume replication relationships that RecoverPoint coordinates across other storage arrays. Cloud Insights shows a storage array for each RecoverPoint cluster, and collects inventory data for nodes and storage ports on that cluster. No storage pool or volume data is collected.


The following information is required to configure this data collector:

  • IP address or fully-qualified domain name of storage processor

  • Read-only user name and password

  • REST API access via port 443


Field Description

Address of RecoverPoint

IP address or fully-qualified domain name of RecoverPoint cluster

User Name

User name for the RecoverPoint cluster


Password used for the RecoverPoint cluster

Advanced configuration

Field Description

TCP Port

TCP Port used to connect to Recoverpoint cluster

Inventory Poll Interval (minutes)

Interval between inventory polls. The default is 20 minutes.

Excluded Clusters

Comma-separated list of cluster IDs or names to exclude when polling.


Additional information on this Data Collector may be found from the Support page or in the Data Collector Support Matrix.