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NetApp HCI Solutions

Access Layer



StoreFront consolidates resources published from multiple delivery controllers and presents unique items to users. Users connect to StoreFront and hides the infrastructure changes on the backend.

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Users connect to StoreFront with the Citrix Workspace application or with a web browser. The user experience remains the same. An administrator can manage StoreFront using Microsoft Management Console. The StoreFront portal can be customized to meet customer branding demands. Applications can be grouped into categories to promote new applications. Desktops and applications can be marked as favorites for easy access. Administrators can also use tags for ease of troubleshooting and to keep track of resources in multitenant environments. The following screenshot depicts featured app groups.

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Unified Gateway

To provide secure access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops from the public internet to resources hosted behind a corporate firewall, Unified Gateway is deployed in a DMZ network. Unified Gateway provides access to multiple services like an SSL VPN, a reverse proxy to intranet resources, load balancer and so on by using a single IP address or URL.

Users have the same experience whether they are accessing the resources internally or externally to an organization. Application Delivery Controller (ADC) provides enhanced networking features for Virtual Apps and Desktops, and HDX Network Insights enhances HDX monitoring information with Citrix Director.