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NetApp HCI Solutions

User Layer


Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops enables users to access their workspace environment from anywhere with internet access and from any device with a web browser that has HTML5 support or with the Citrix Workspace application.

Users can be categorized as task workers, office workers, knowledge workers, and power users. Task workers primarily use predefined applications throughout the day for their work. Hosted Windows Apps can serve their needs. Office workers requires desktop interfaces that run office applications, a web browser, and so on. Typically, they are not allowed to install applications on their workspace. They are best served by either a shared desktop with multi-session on server OS or with pooled desktops.

Knowledge workers typically require a desktop experience working with multiple applications simultaneously and must be able to persist the applications that they installed on their workspace. Static desktops (also referred to as personal desktops) allow this. Power users typically work on graphic-intensive applications or other applications that requires more hardware resources. Static desktops created with an appropriate master image address the needs of power users.