Deploy and Configure ONTAP Select in the VMware Virtual Infrastructure (Automated Deployment)

To deploy and configure an ONTAP Select instance within the VMware Virtual Infrastructure, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Deployment Jump VM, login to the NetApp Support Site and download the ONTAP Select OVA for ESXi.

  2. Create a directory OTS and obtain the Ansible roles for deploying ONTAP Select.

    mkdir OTS
    cd OTS
    git clone
    cd ansible
  3. Install the prerequisite libraries.

    pip install requests
    pip install pyvmomi
    Open a VI Editor and create a playbook ‘`ots_setup.yaml`’ with the below content to deploy the ONTAP Select OVA and initialize the ONTAP cluster.
    - name: Create ONTAP Select Deploy VM from OVA (ESXi)
      hosts: localhost
      gather_facts: false
      connection: 'local'
        - ots_deploy_vars.yaml
        - na_ots_deploy
    - name: Wait for 1 minute before starting cluster setup
      hosts: localhost
      gather_facts: false
      - pause:
          minutes: 1
    - name: Create ONTAP Select cluster (ESXi)
      hosts: localhost
      gather_facts: false
      - ots_cluster_vars.yaml
        - na_ots_cluster
  4. Open a VI editor, create a variable file ots_deploy_vars.yaml, and fill in hte following parameters:

    target_vcenter_or_esxi_host: ""# vCenter IP
    host_login: "yourlogin@yourlab.local"  # vCenter Username
    ovf_path: "/run/deploy/ovapath/ONTAPdeploy.ova"# Path to OVA on Deployment Jump VM
    datacenter_name: "your-Lab"# Datacenter name in vCenter
    esx_cluster_name: "your Cluster"# Cluster name in vCenter
    datastore_name: "your-select-dt"# Datastore name in vCenter
    mgt_network: "your-mgmt-network"# Management Network to be used by OVA
    deploy_name: "test-deploy-vm"# Name of the ONTAP Select VM
    deploy_ipAddress: ""# Management IP Address of ONTAP Select VM
    deploy_gateway: ""# Default Gateway
    deploy_proxy_url: ""# Proxy URL (Optional and if used)
    deploy_netMask: ""# Netmask
    deploy_product_company: "NetApp"# Name of Organization
    deploy_primaryDNS: ""# Primary DNS IP
    deploy_secondaryDNS: ""# Secondary DNS (Optional)
    deploy_searchDomains: ""# Search Domain Name

    Update the variables to match your environment.

  5. Open a VI editor, create a variable file ots_cluster_vars.yaml, and fill it out with the following parameters:

    node_count: 1#Number of nodes in the ONTAP Cluster
    monitor_job: truemonitor_deploy_job: true
    deploy_api_url: #Use the IP of the ONTAP Select VM
    deploy_login: "admin"
    vcenter_login: "administrator@vsphere.local"
    vcenter_name: ""
      - host_name:
      - host_name:
    cluster_name: "hci-ai-ots"# Name of ONTAP Cluster
    cluster_ip: ""# Cluster Management IP
    cluster_netmask: ""
    cluster_gateway: ""
    cluster_ontap_image: "9.7"
      - ""
      - ""
      - ""
    mgt_network: "NetApp HCI VDS 01-Management_Network"# Name of VM Port Group for Mgmt Network
    data_network: "NetApp HCI VDS 01-NFS_Network"# Name of VM Port Group for NFS Network
    internal_network: ""# Not needed for Single Node Cluster
    instance_type: "small"
      - node_name: "{{ cluster_name }}-01"
        ipAddress: Node Management IP
        storage_pool: NetApp-HCI-Datastore-02 # Name of Datastore in vCenter to use
        capacityTB: 1# Usable capacity will be ~700GB
        host_name: IP Address of an ESXi host to deploy node

    Update the variables to match your environment.

  6. Start ONTAP Select setup.

    ansible-playbook ots_setup.yaml --extra-vars deploy_pwd=$'"P@ssw0rd"' --extra-vars vcenter_password=$'"P@ssw0rd"' --extra-vars ontap_pwd=$'"P@ssw0rd"' --extra-vars host_esx_password=$'"P@ssw0rd"' --extra-vars host_password=$'"P@ssw0rd"' --extra-vars deploy_password=$'"P@ssw0rd"'
  7. Update the command with deploy_pwd `(ONTAP Select VM instance), `vcenter_password(vCenter), ontap_pwd (ONTAP login password), host_esx_password (VMware ESXi), host_password (vCenter), and deploy_password (ONTAP Select VM instance).

Configure the ONTAP Select Cluster – Manual Deployment

To configure the ONTAP Select cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. Open a browser and log into the ONTAP cluster’s System Manager using its cluster management IP.

  2. On the DASHBOARD page, click Prepare Storage under Capacity.

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  3. Select the radio button to continue without onboard key manager, and click Prepare Storage.

  4. On the NETWORK page, click the + sign in the Broadcast Domains window.

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  5. Enter the Name as NFS, set the MTU to 9000, and select the port e0b. Click Save.

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  6. On the DASHBOARD page, click Configure Protocols under Network.

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  7. Enter a name for the SVM, select Enable NFS, provide an IP and subnet mask for the NFS LIF, set the Broadcast Domain to NFS, and click Save.

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  8. Click STORAGE in the left pane, and from the dropdown select Storage VMs

    1. Edit the SVM.

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    2. Select the checkbox under Resource Allocation, make sure that the local tier is listed, and click Save.

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  9. Click the SVM name, and on the right panel scroll down to Policies.

  10. Click the arrow within the Export Policies tile, and click the default policy.

  11. If there is a rule already defined, you can edit it; if no rule exists, then create a new one.

    1. Select NFS Network Clients as the Client Specification.

    2. Select the Read-Only and Read/Write checkboxes.

    3. Select the checkbox to Allow Superuser Access.

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