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Cloud Insights

Zookeeper Data Collector

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Cloud Insights uses this data collector to gather metrics from Apache Zookeeper.


  1. From Admin > Data Collectors, click +Data Collector. Under Services, choose Apache Zookeeper.

    Select the Operating System or Platform on which the Telegraf agent is installed.

  2. If you haven't already installed an Agent for collection, or you wish to install an Agent for a different Operating System or Platform, click Show Instructions to expand the Agent installation instructions.

  3. Select the Agent Access Key for use with this data collector. You can add a new Agent Access Key by clicking the + Agent Access Key button. Best practice: Use a different Agent Access Key only when you want to group data collectors, for example, by OS/Platform.

  4. Follow the configuration steps to configure the data collector. The instructions vary depending on the type of Operating System or Platform you are using to collect data.

Zookeeper configuration


At a minimum, you need to allow the Zookeeper four letter server commands mntr, srvr, and stat.
You can enable these commands using the following format: 4lw.commands.whitelist=mntr, srvr, stat in the zoo.cfg file.
There may be other four letter commands that are required in your configuration. See the Zookeeper documentation for more information.

Objects and Counters

The following objects and their counters are collected:

Object: Identifiers: Attributes: Datapoints:



Node IP
Node Name

Approximate Data Size
Average Latency
Ephemerals Count
Max File Descriptor Count
Max Latency
Min Latency
Number Of Alive Connections
Open File Descriptor Count
Outstanding Requests
Watch Count
Znode Count


Additional information may be found from the Support page.