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Cloud Insights

Rubrik CDM Data Collector

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Cloud Insights uses the Rubrik data collector to acquire inventory and performance data from Rubrik storage appliances.


Cloud Insights acquires the following inventory information from the Rubrik data collector. For each asset type acquired by Cloud Insights, the most common terminology used for this asset is shown. When viewing or troubleshooting this data collector, keep the following terminology in mind:

Vendor/Model Term Cloud Insights Term


Storage, Storage Pool


Storage Node



Note: These are common terminology mappings only and might not represent every case for this data source.


The following are required to configure this data collector:

  • The Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit will initiate connections to TCP port 443 to Rubrik cluster. One collector per cluster.

  • Rubrik cluster IP address.

  • User name and password to the cluster.

  • Rubrik cluster IP address or hostname.

  • For Basic Authentication, a user name and password to the cluster. If you prefer to use Service Account based authentication, you need a Service Account, Secret, and an Organization ID

  • Port requirement: HTTPS 443


Field Description


IP address of the Rubrik cluster

User name

User name for the cluster


Password for the cluster

Advanced configuration

Inventory poll interval (min) The default is 60

Performance Poll Interval (sec)

The default is 300


Some things to try if you encounter problems with this data collector:


Problem: Try this:

I received a message that more than one storage is created.

Check that the cluster is configured correctly, and the collector is pointing to a single cluster.

I received a warning that disk API returned more data

Check with support to get additional data.

Additional information may be found from the Support page or in the Data Collector Support Matrix.