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Libraries for data processing and model training

Contributors banum-netapp

The following table lists the libraries and frameworks that were used to build this task. All these components have been fully integrated with Azure’s role-based access and security controls.

Libraries/framework Description

Dask cuML

For ML to work on GPU, the cuML library provides access to the RAPIDS cuML package with Dask. RAPIDS cuML implements popular ML algorithms, including clustering, dimensionality reduction, and regression approaches, with high-performance GPU-based implementations, offering speed-ups of up to 100x over CPU-based approaches.

Dask cuDF

cuDF includes various other functions supporting GPU-accelerated extract, transform, load (ETL), such as data subsetting, transformations, one-hot encoding, and more. The RAPIDS team maintains a dask-cudf library that includes helper methods to use Dask and cuDF.

Scikit Learn

Scikit-learn provides dozens of built-in machine learning algorithms and models, called estimators. Each estimator can be fitted to some data using its fit method.

We used two notebooks to construct the ML pipelines for comparison; one is the conventional Pandas scikit-learn approach, and the other is distributed training with RAPIDS and Dask. Each notebook can be tested individually to see the performance in terms of time and scale. We cover each notebook individually to demonstrate the benefits of distributed training using RAPIDS and Dask.