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Migrate VMs to Amazon EC2 using FSxN: Other Possibilities and Conclusion

This article highlight other possibilities for this migration solution as well as concluding the topic.

Other possibilities

The same approach can be extended to migrate VMs using in-guest storage on on-premises VMs. The OS VMDK can be migrated using CMC and the in-guest iSCSI LUNs can be replicated using SnapMirror. The process requires breaking the mirror and attaching the LUN to the newly migrated Amazon EC2 instance, as depicted in the diagram below.

Image showing an additional possibility for this migration solution


This document has provided a complete walkthrough of using the MigrateOps feature of CMC to migrate data stored in on-premises VMware repositories to AWS using Amazon EC2 instances and FSx for ONTAP.

The following video demonstrates the migration process from start to finish:

Migrate VMware VMs to Amazon EC2

To check out the GUI and basic Amazon EBS to FSx for ONTAP local migration, please watch this five-minute demo video:

Migrating to any storage in scale with Cirrus Migrate Cloud