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Kubernetes Deployment

Contributors banum-netapp kevin-hoke

To deploy and configure your Kubernetes cluster with NVIDIA DeepOps, perform the following tasks from a deployment jump host:

  1. Download NVIDIA DeepOps by following the instructions on the Getting Started page on the NVIDIA DeepOps GitHub site.

  2. Deploy Kubernetes in your cluster by following the instructions on the Kubernetes Deployment Guide on the NVIDIA DeepOps GitHub site.

Note For the DeepOps Kubernetes deployment to work, the same user must exist on all Kubernetes master and worker nodes.

If the deployment fails, change the value of kubectl_localhost to false in deepops/config/group_vars/k8s-cluster.yml and repeat step 2. The Copy kubectl binary to ansible host task, which executes only when the value of kubectl_localhost is true, relies on the fetch Ansible module, which has known memory usage issues. These memory usage issues can sometimes cause the task to fail. If the task fails because of a memory issue, then the remainder of the deployment operation does not complete successfully.

If the deployment completes successfully after you have changed the value of kubectl_localhost to false, then you must manually copy the kubectl binary from a Kubernetes master node to the deployment jump host. You can find the location of the kubectl binary on a specific master node by running the which kubectl command directly on that node.