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Monitor Dask using native Task Streams dashboard

Contributors banum-netapp

The Dask distributed scheduler provides live feedback in two forms:

  • An interactive dashboard containing many plots and tables with live information

  • A progress bar suitable for interactive use in consoles or notebooks

In our case, the following figure shows how you can monitor the task progress, including Bytes Stored, the Task Stream with a detailed breakdown of the number of streams, and Progress by task names with associated functions executed. In our case, because we have three worker nodes, there are three main chunks of stream and the color codes denote different tasks within each stream.

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You have the option to analyze individual tasks and examine the execution time in milliseconds or identify any obstacles or hindrances. For example, the following figure shows the Task Streams for the random forest model fitting stage. There are considerably more functions being executed, including unique chunk for DataFrame processing, _construct_rf for fitting the random forest, and so on. Most of the time was spent on DataFrame operations due to the large size (45GB) of one day of data from the Criteo Click Logs.

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