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AWS Authentication Requirements for CVO and Connector Using NetApp Cloud Manager

To configure automated Deployments of CVO and Connectors using Ansible playbooks via AWX/Ansible Tower, the following information is needed:

Acquiring Access/Secret Keys from AWS

  1. To deploy CVO and Connector in Cloud Manager, we need AWS Access/Secret Key. Acquire the keys in AWS console by launching IAM-→Users-→your username-→security credentials-→Create Access key.

  2. Copy access keys and keep them secured to use in Connector and CVO deployment.

Note If you lose your key, you can create another access key and delete the one you lost
Refresh Token

Acquiring Refresh Token from NetApp Cloud Central

  1. Login into your cloud central account using your account credentials at

  2. Generate a refresh Token and save it for deployments.

Refresh Token

Acquiring Client ID

  1. Access the API page to copy Client ID at

  2. Click on "learn How to Authenticate", in the top right corner.

  3. From the Authentication window that pops up, copy the Client ID from Regular Access if you require a username/password to login. Federated users with SSO should copy the client ID from the "Refresh Token Tab".

Client ID

Acquiring Key Pair from AWS

  1. In AWS console, search for “Key Pair” and create a key pair with “pem”. Remember the name of you key_pair, we will use it to deploy the connector.

Key Pair

Acquiring Account ID

  1. In Cloud Manager, click on Account –> Manage Accounts and then copy the account id for use in variables for AWX.

Client ID