NetApp and RUN: AI have partnered in the creation of this technical report to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Azure NetApp Files together with the RUN: AI platform for simplifying orchestration of AI workloads. This technical report provides a reference architecture for streamlining the process of both data pipelines and workload orchestration for distributed lane detection training.

In conclusion, with regard to distributed training at scale (especially in a public cloud environment), the resource orchestration and storage component is a critical part of the solution. Making sure that data managing never hinders multiple GPU processing, therefore results in the optimal utilization of GPU cycles. Thus, making the system as cost effective as possible for large- scale distributed training purposes.

Data fabric delivered by NetApp overcomes the challenge by enabling data scientists and data engineers to connect together on-premises and in the cloud to have synchronous data, without performing any manual intervention. In other words, data fabric smooths the process of managing AI workflow spread across multiple locations. It also facilitates on demand-based data availability by bringing data close to compute and performing analysis, training, and validation wherever and whenever needed. This capability not only enables data integration but also protection and security of the entire data pipeline.