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Deploy Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

Contributors kevin-hoke banum-netapp

To install Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes on an OpenShift cluster, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose an OpenShift cluster as the hub cluster and log into it with cluster-admin privileges.

  2. Navigate to Operators > Operators Hub and search for Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes.

    ACM tile
  3. Select Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes and click Install.

    ACM tile details
  4. On the Install Operator screen, provide the necessary details (NetApp recommends retaining the default parameters) and click Install.

    Install ACM Operator tile
  5. Wait for the operator installation to complete.

    ACM operator installation in-progress
  6. After the operator is installed, click Create MultiClusterHub.

    ACM operator Multiclusterhub
  7. On the Create MultiClusterHub screen, click Create after furnishing the details. This initiates the installation of a multi-cluster hub.

    Create Multicluster hub screen
  8. After all the pods move to the Running state in the open-cluster-management namespace and the operator moves to the Succeeded state, Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes is installed.

    ACM operator installed
  9. It takes some time to complete the hub installation, and, after it is done, the MultiCluster hub moves to Running state.

    Multicluster hub ready
  10. It creates a route in the open-cluster-management namespace. Connect to the URL in the route to access the Advanced Cluster Management console.

    ACM console route