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Configuring Kubernetes Cluster

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This section is divided into two parts for cloud and on-premises deployment respectively.

Cloud Deployment Kubernetes Configuration

Through NetApp Cloud Manager, you can define the connection to the Iguazio Kubernetes cluster. Trident requires access to multiple resources in the cluster to make the volume available.

  1. To enable access, obtain the Kubernetes config file from one the Iguazio nodes. The file is located under /home/Iguazio/.kube/config. Download this file to your desktop.

  2. Go to Discover Cluster to configure.

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  3. Upload the Kubernetes config file. See the following image.

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  4. Deploy Trident and associate a volume with the cluster. See the following image on defining and assigning a Persistent Volume to the Iguazio cluster.This process creates a Persistent Volume (PV) in Iguazio’s Kubernetes cluster. Before you can use it, you must define a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC).

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On-Premises Deployment Kubernetes Configuration

For on-premises installation of NetApp Trident, see TR-4798 for details. After configuring your Kubernetes cluster and installing NetApp Trident, you can connect Trident to the Iguazio cluster to enable NetApp data management capabilities, such as taking Snapshot copies of your data and model.