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Deploy Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization with NetApp ONTAP

Contributors banum-netapp

To install OpenShift Virtualization, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the Red Hat OpenShift bare-metal cluster with cluster-admin access.

  2. Select Administrator from the Perspective drop down.

  3. Navigate to Operators > OperatorHub and search for OpenShift Virtualization.

    OpenShift Operator Hub
  4. Select the OpenShift Virtualization tile and click Install.

    OpenShift Virtualization Operator Tile
  5. On the Install Operator screen, leave all default parameters and click Install.

    OpenShift Virtualization Operator Details
  6. Wait for the operator installation to complete.

    OpenShift Virtualization Operator installation
  7. After the operator has installed, click Create HyperConverged.

    OpenShift Virtualization Operator - Create Hyperconverged
  8. On the Create HyperConverged screen, click Create, accepting all default parameters. This step starts the installation of OpenShift Virtualization.

    OpenShift Virtualization Operator - Hyperconverged details
  9. After all the pods move to the Running state in the openshift-cnv namespace and the OpenShift Virtualization operator is in the Succeeded state, the operator is ready to use. VMs can now be created on the OpenShift cluster.

    OpenShift Virtualization Operator installation complete