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Rename storage array group

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You can change the name of a storage array group when the current name is no longer meaningful or applicable.

About this task

Keep these guidelines in mind.

  • A name can consist of letters, numbers, and the special characters underscore (_), hyphen (-), and pound (#). If you choose any other characters, an error message appears. You are prompted to choose another name.

  • Limit the name to 30 characters. Any leading and trailing spaces in the name are deleted.

  • Use a unique, meaningful name that is easy to understand and remember.

  • Avoid arbitrary names or names that would quickly lose their meaning in the future.

  1. From the main view, select Manage, and then select the storage array group you want to rename.

  2. Select Manage Groups  Rename storage array group.

  3. In the Group Name field, type a new name for the group.

  4. Click Rename.